Wednesday, January 27, 2010

01-26 An old friend returns.

I dug my Pentax MX out of the closet yesterday and dusted it off. This is a replacement camera for the one that I had from my freshman year in college until it was stolen several years later. This one is in much better shape. I love the camera, it's the one that I had all the way thru journalism school, had pictures published by USA Today and on the wire of AP. I used to take it everywhere. I can pick up this camera and everything immediately falls into place, it feels good in my hand, all my actions are instinctive, it's just a great camera.

I later switched to Nikons (love the FE) and then to Canon when the eye-controlled autofocus came out. I like my Canons but hate the plasticky (is that a word?) feel to the lenses. Give me the size of a Nikon, the weight of a Pentax M and we're in business.

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